Tanzania SME Gateway working with International Trade Centre -INTRACEN

The MSME Financing Gateway Platform project aims to bridge the gap between Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and financing providers through an innovative online platform. The Platform presents a groundbreaking solution to address the challenges faced by MSMEs in accessing vital financing resources. This initiative is designed to revolutionize the financial landscape by providing an innovative online platform that connects MSMEs with a diverse range of financing providers. The purpose of the project is to enhance connectivity; this is to create a centralized hub facilitating direct connections between MSMEs and financing providers, fostering collaboration and partnerships. click the link to register

Partnering with WWF to implement a Sustainable Finance and Investment Project

TBA, in collaboration with WWF, is spearheading a Sustainable Finance and Investment Project aimed at fostering sustainable practices within Tanzania’s financial sector. This project operates across two primary focus areas: advocacy for conducive legal and regulatory frameworks and capacity building for sustainable finance practitioners.

One facet of the project involves advocating for the development and implementation of legal and regulatory frameworks conducive to sustainable finance and investment. This entails working with policymakers to shape policies that incentivize environmentally and socially responsible investment practices.

Kuwa Smart Jisevie Campaign in collaboration with VISA

Kuwa Smati Jisevie’ is a campaign aimed at promoting cashless payments in Tanzania. Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA) in collaboration with Visa, launched “Kuwa Smati Jisevie”, an education campaign that aims to promote the use of self-service channels in Tanzania, which includes the use of electronic payments. The theme “Kuwa Smati Jisevie”, which means Be Smart Go Cashless, is being implemented by 45 banks in Tanzania that are members of the Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA). With Tanzania’s self-service channels growing rapidly and the ever-increasing need to offer safe, convenient, and affordable access to banking services across Tanzania.

Niko Fiti Campaign in Collaboration with FSDT

Niko Fiti is a financial literacy program founded by the Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA) in collaboration with FSDT designed to enhance financial literacy in Tanzania.
Niko Fiti apart from providing financial literacy awareness and education also aims to enhance digital financial services usage in Tanzania through the creation of awareness and insights via mobile, internet, Agents and so much more.