Tanzania Bankers Association The Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA) was established in 1995 as an association and later incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2012. TBA ensures and facilitates a good working environment for the banking sector in Tanzania as follows:

Advocacy For and Efficient Banking Industry.

Advocacy is one of the main tasks of the Tanzania Bankers Association. This is due to challenges coming from the fiscal, monetary, trade, and supervisory policies that could impact the banking business affecting their business growth, profitability, risk management, and innovation. 

How TBA pursues Advocacy

TBA conducts advocacy by first identifying issues that require adequate advocacy followed by understanding the issues, this is done by pursuing researches, assessments or studies on the issues with the purpose of getting a better knowledge of the issues  – the ultimate goal being formulation of possible solutions (recommendations and proposals).

After the issues have been identified and understood the advocacy team involved will set proposals and recommendations that will be necessary for rectifying or adjusting the business environment in order to bring about an efficient and robust industry.

The next step is engaging the government MDAs or the Parliament (if issues necessitate changing laws and regulations and/or require parliamentary buy-in).  During the engagements, TBA presents, discusses,e and together with stakeholders deliberate on the way forward.

Finally, after these advocacy issues have been identified, understood and with proposals and recommendations set and issues have been presented to the government and/or parliamentary stakeholders. The next step is monitoring progress with the intention of ensuring whether or not there will be the adoption of the proposals.

Public Information

TBA being an umbrella body of the banking sector provides information related to the banking sector on issues such as financial education, promotion of financial inclusion, the trend of performances in the market and provides information on available opportunities and challenges in the banking sector. 

Organization for the Banks

TBA rallies and organizes all member banks bringing them all under one umbrella with which industry positions and recommendations get established in a bid to have a common sector-specific one voice.


Promote Financial Inclusion

There are several ways with which TBA promotes financial inclusion one of them is through promoting financial education and awareness among banks customers and the whole public. The association promotes growth of the industry and it is through the TBA platform an efficient and competitive business environment becomes a necessity. When the business environment within which banks and financial institution works well for them -they will be motivated to expand their business and invest more. This in turn enhances financial inclusion as banks –reach out to underserved potentials customers. On the same note, an efficient business environment will bring benefits of availability and affordability of financial services which are keys to financial inclusion