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The Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA) was established in 1995 as an Association and later incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2012. 

The organization has grown over the years in line with the expansion of the banking sector. There has been an entry of several foreign banks as a result of liberalization of the financial sector that started largely in the second half of the 1980s. There have also been formation of local banks as new entrants or consolidation of existing banks. TBA boasts a membership of about 43



  • We aim to bring together members to foster continued collaboration and cooperation in handling matters of common interest.
  • We seek to develop, maintain, and elevate professional standards for the industry and service standards while promoting fair competition and placing customers at the center of banking services and products.
  • We strive to promote the growth of the sector/industry and the entire economy, positioning its members as contributors and facilitators of economic growth.
  • We aim to ensure the sustainability of the banking sector and foster the growth of the Association as an institution.

For 25 years, the TBA has advocated for its members, fostering collaboration and professionalism in the banking industry. Recognized for championing Sustainable Development Goals, it leads the Tripartite East Africa Payment Scheme. Committed to excellence, it collaborates with the government and industry for financial inclusion, growth, and sustainability, marking notable achievements.

our vision


To bring together members of the banking fraternity in order to have a common voice on matters relating to industry performance and growth, policy and regulations, the elevation of professional standards and standards of providing banking services /Engage banking institutions together in researched advocacy and stakeholders’ engagement in order to promote a conducive legislative and regulatory system that take into account the needs and concerns of banking institutions and facilitate financial inclusion.


To be the voice of the banking sector and assist in creating a conducive environment for the sector to contribute to the economic development of the country.


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