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The Executive Committee is one of the four principal organs responsible for supervising the activities of the Association on behalf of the members.

The following are the current Executive Committee members:

  • Ben Christiaanse - National Microfinance Bank Plc. (Chairman)

  • Charles G. Singili - Azania Bank Ltd. (Vice Chairman)

  • Iddi Msonga        - Citibank Tanzania Ltd. (Honorary Treasurer)

  • Pascal L. Kamuzora - TBA Secretariat (Executive Director)

  • Lawrence Mafuru  -  National Bank of Commerce Ltd. (Member)

  • Dr. Charles Kimei -  CRDB Bank Plc. (Member)

  • Jeremy Awori     -  Standard Chartered Bank (T) Ltd. (Member)

  • Jamal Hussein      - Citibank Tanzania Ltd. (Member)

  • John B. Lwande -  Akiba Commercial Bank Ltd (Member)

  • Kihara Maina     - Barclays Bank (T) Ltd. (Member)

  • Deba Prasad Gayen  - Bank of Baroda  (Member); and

  • Joram Kiarie        - KCB Tanzania Ltd. (Member)


TBA Current Sub-Committees are:
  • Dar es Salaam Clearing House: 

    • Responsible for the clearing house Operations under the leadership of Ms Rajinder Singh of NBC.

  • In-house Lawyers Sub-committee:

    • Responsible for all legal matter under the leadership of Mr. Felix Kibodya of NBC.

  • Financial Crimes Committee:

    • Monitoring and taking measures best to combat financial crimes  under the leadership of Noel Sangiwa, Citibank.

  • Human Resources Committee

    • Responsible for all non-competitive matters of staff in the banking industry under the leadership of Dorah Ngaliga, CRDB.

  • Management Committee of the Credit Information Bureau:

    • Responsible for the management of the Credit Bureau under the leadership of NBC.

  • Public Relations Committee:

    • Charged for all matters relating to Public Relations activities under the leadership of Twiga Bancorp.

  • BOT/TBA Technical Committee:

    • Consultative Committee on BOT/TBA technical issues under the leadership of the Bank of Tanzania.

  • Card Payment Infrastructure:

    • Deepening card transactions and eventually setting up a national switch to facilitate interbank payments using credit and debit cards under the leadership of the Bank of Tanzania



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