Code of Banking Practice

Money Laundering

SADC Banking Association

DSM Electronic Clearing House


Code of Banking Practice

The Association is about to adopt a Code of Banking Practice which sets out standards for good banking practice. Member banks subscribing to this Code will undertake to adhere to the provisions of the Code when dealing with their customers.

Anti-Money Laundering

The Association is working closely with the Government, the Bank of Tanzania and other stakeholders on Anti-Money Laundering. Specific recommendations have been made for consideration by the appropriate Authorities.

SADC Banking Association

The Tanzania Bankers Association is a member of the SADC Banking Association comprised of 12 national associations of banks in the SADC Region. The SADC Banking Association was established in 1998 with the objective of co-ordinating activities of member Associations. It is currently involved in various projects including the following:

Norms of Good Banking Practices.
Public Private Partnership; and
Common Anti-Money Laundering Legislation.

Dar es Salaam Electronic Clearing House

A decision to migrate ownership and management of the Dar es Salaam Electronic Clearing House from the Bank of Tanzania to Tanzania Bankers Association has been taken. To this end, the Association is working hand in glove with the National Payment System of the Bank of Tanzania to refine the system and determine the most cost effective take-over alternative of the Clearing House. The ultimate objective is to achieve an efficient and sustainable national payment system.



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